Requests for PHP: Version 1.7

Requests 1.7 is now available with a tonne of changes. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Add support for HHVM and PHP 7: Requests is now tested against both HHVM and PHP 7, and they are supported as first-party platforms.

  • Transfer & connect timeouts, in seconds & milliseconds

  • Rework cookie handling to be more thorough: Cookies are now restricted to the same-origin by default, expiration is checked.

  • Improve testing: Tests are now run locally to speed them up, as well as further general
    improvements to the quality of the testing suite. There are now also
    comprehensive proxy tests to ensure coverage there.

  • Support custom HTTP methods: Previously, custom HTTP methods were only supported on sockets; they are now supported across all transports.

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There are also a tonne of tweaks and hardening in the release to improve compatibility with sites running older versions of cURL, or on more obscure setups. General improvements all-round mean version 1.7 is even more stable and compatible than ever before, while still retaining the same great developer-focussed API as always.

Quite a lot of the contributions for 1.7 come from WordPress developers (including Dominik Schilling and Dion Hulse) who have begun contributing to Requests recently, as Requests is now included in WordPress as of version 4.6! I’ve been one of the maintainers of the WordPress HTTP API for a while, so this is a pretty natural inclusion that should bring more contributors to Requests, and much better tested code to WordPress.

Thank you to every one of the 23 contributors to this release, in alphabetical order: Adrian Philipp, Brandon Hesse, Chris Lock, Christopher A. Stelma, Denis Sokolov, Dion Hulse, Dominik Schilling, Eric GELOEN, Jarne W. Beutnagel, Justin Stern, Korbinian Würl, Laurent Martelli, Markus Staab, Michael Orlitzky, Misha Nasledov, Ogün KARAKUŞ, Remigiusz Dymecki, Rodrigo Prado, Ryan McCue, Stephen Edgar, Stephen Harris, ozh, qibinghua.

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